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How do I choose a prize?

Have a browse through our prize list and pick one that takes your fancy. Then click the PLAY NOW button. All prizes have a credit value clearly stated so you know how much each one costs. Watch out for our Special Offers too!

What are credits?

Credits are the currency we use on the site as it keeps things simple for users around the globe. All prizes have a credit value which is the cost for each time you place a ticket. We’re pretty nice people though so we’ll give you a whole bunch of free Credits just for signing up.

How do I buy credits?

But once you've used them you can buy more credits by going to our Top Up Now page. All transactions are carried out by reputable and secure payment providers so your details and money are always safe. And remember, the more you top up, the more free credits you’ll get!

Will I get a receipt of my purchase?

You get a receipt for any cash transactions when you purchase credits and you’ll be able to see a record of all the tickets you’ve played in your player Profile Page (you'll need to be logged in to see your profile page).

How much does it cost?

You can play as much or a little as you want. Each prize has a credit value clearly stated and we’ll always aim to have some prizes for as little as 10p a go (or less)!

How many tickets I can buy?

Generally tickets are limited to 200 per game.
We may run the occasional game where the number of entries is strictly limited, but we’ll let you know when this happens.

How do I play?

To find out, just go to our How to Play page.

Do I have to be in the UK to play?

No, although our company is registered and based in the UK, you can play from any Country. Once you have won a prize we will ship it to you using recorded delivery.

How do I win?

That’s easy, place your ticket where you think the centre of the ball is. You don’t even need to get it right; you simply need to be the closest to where our expert judges deem the ball to be! Please refer to the 'How is the winner decided' section below for more information.  

We aim to judge each competition within a couple of days of closing. Then, once we have a winner, we’ll get in touch with the lucky person to tell them the good news. Once they know, we’ll let everyone else know!

You don't even need to be right to win! You just need to be closest.


How long do competitions last?

Competitions generally run Midnight to Midnight over 4 weeks (GMT) from Monday to Sunday. 

Can I change my prize or choose an alternative one?

You can always ask! But generally the prize you play for will be the prize we’ll aim to deliver to you. If there are colour options available, we’ll do our best to get you the one you want.
Unfortunately, and very occasionally we might struggle to get the prize you’ve won. When this happens we’ll let you know and discus alternative prizes options with you.
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for full details.


How do I get my prize?

All prizes are UK specification and will be delivered to your door either direct from our suppliers or by using reputable carriers to anywhere in the world.
We also pay the UK VAT for all prizes, but if you live outside the UK you’ll need to check what implications and restrictions may be involved with importing your prize. You will be responsible for any import costs. Cash alternative is equal to 80% before VAT. All prize money transfers will be done via PayPal for se and security.

If we are unable to provide you with your prize due to shipping or import laws, you will automatically qualify for the cash alternative. We will always try our hardest but sometimes we are just unable to.


Do players get to choose what prizes are up for grabs?

Patience now! As we’re quite new to this our prizes are selected by Garry and the team, but don’t fret, we hope to get everyone involved in choosing prizes very soon.
We’ll let you know as soon as you can request a prize.


Why do you use Spot the Ball?

We use Spot the Ball because it’s fun, simple and everyone can play. The game image will show you an image where the ball has been digitally removed. Your job is to determine where you think the ball should be. Simple.


Why don't you use the original ball position?

Well for starters, you’re a clever bunch and you might go searching for the original image on the web. Secondly, but far more importantly, it’s a legal requirement. This needs to be a game of skill where you pit your wits against our qualified expert panel of judges and not purely chance where you may guess the original ball position. 

How is the winner decided?

Once the competition is closed the same image is shown to our panel of judges. They will then use their experience and knowledge to discuss the image and then come to a joint decision on the location of the centre of the ball. Using a panel ensures that no single judge can influence the winning location, but just to make doubly sure, the judges don’t get to see the x and y coordinates on the image until after their selection has been made. These coordinates are then fed into our super-ish computer which then spits out a winning ticket. Our independent adjudicator, who has an offline copy of the database with all the competition data also puts the same coordinates into their slightly less super computer and the results are compared. If both computers give the same answer, then this is accepted as the competition winner.


What happens if there is a tiebreak?

To ensure the winner is chosen fairly, we have a very strict set of criteria to determine who wins in any tiebreak situation. If more that one player is equidistant from the winning coordinates, the player with the next closest ticket will be the overall winner. If these are also the same distance from the winning coordinates, the process will continue with all tickets until a winner is found. If a player has no more tickets to compare distances with, they will be eliminated from the competition. If the players have the same number of tickets, all at the same distance from the winning coordinates, the winner will be the player who played the winning ticket earliest. The first runner up will receive 5000 credits.


What if I need more info?

That’s easy, you can send us a message via the Contact Us Tab and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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