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How to play

Playing Pixel Gecko is fun and easy!
Just follow these simple steps, and you'll be well on the way to winning great prizes!

Picking your prize

Have a look through our prizes and pick one that you fancy.
There's loads to choose from, so we're sure you'll find something you like.
Once you've clicked on the prize you like, press the big PLAY NOW button.

Playing the game

Once you have chosen your prize click PLAY NOW and you’ll be taken to the current game screen.

Click the KICK OFF button to begin the game, a football will appear in the middle of the image and the game controls will appear at the bottom (Have a look below to see how these work)
Have a look at the image,  study the players and decide where you think the ball should be.
*TIP – it helps to look at the eyes and  body language of the players!
Simply drag the ball to where you think it should be, and once you’re happy with your choice, click on the Confirm Ticket button and that’s it!
The large ball will be replaced by a miniature one to show that's where you've played a ticket.
To play another ticket for the same prize, just drag the ball to another location and click Confirm Ticket again. This will leave another miniature ball on the screen.
To play for another prize simply scroll down and  select something else you fancy and do the same as above.
You can play up to 100 tickets in any single (if you have enough credits obviously).


At the end of each competition our panel of expert judges will get together and view the game image.
The judges will study the picture individually and decide on where they think the ball should be.
Once they've all had time to study the image, the panel will come together and jointly decide an exact location using their experience and expert knowledge.
These coordinates will be the final winning coordinates.


The winner of the competition will be the player with the ticket closest to the winning coordinates.

That's right. You don't even have to get the exact location. You just need to be closest!
This way, we can guaranteed there's a winner every time!

Gameplay controls

  Zoom controller 
Use the slider to zoom in and out on the image.

Played ticket
By default, a mini-ball will be shown on screen to show where you have played a ticket.
Clicking this button will switch the mini-balls on or off.

Confirm ticket
Click this button to confirm you ticket selection.

Finger pointers
Use these to move the ball a single pixel at a time in the  direction of the fingers.

Overview image
This is useful when using the zoom function.
This will open  a small window showing you the overall image when you are zoomed in.
This image  can be dragged around the game screen if needed. 

Current coordinates
These are the current coordinates of where your ball is.

Good luck, have fun playing