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Competition 35

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  1. Click and drag the ball to where you think it should be on the image.
  2. Once you are happy with where it is, click the confirm ticket button below the image.
  3. THAT‘S IT! You have played a ticket.
  4. To play more tickets for the same prize, just drag the ball to a new location and click the confirm button again. You can do this as many Times as you like (up to 200 times in any game).
  5. To play for another prize, click on one from those shown below and then click PLAY-NOW, this will make the prize active.
  6. Just repeat the steps above again.

If any of your tickets are CLOSEST to where our judges think the ball is... YOU ARE OUR WINNER

Ok. You‘re now ready to play - KICK OFF (click it...)

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Selected Prize
2 creditsMid withings activite a809a0ab 2c0a 4e46 b463 ffbfd0c5d968
Your Tickets

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5 credits1 credits
Mid 100 3bdab008 993b 4167 9e52 42f2b73edbdb
£100 Cash
10 credits6 credits
Mid 200 336444d9 c1cd 48e9 8828 28daf2b52c8e
£200 Cash
50 credits33 credits
Mid 500 0070bf97 4ef3 4439 a1bf c0da44399945
£500 Cash
100 credits66 credits
Mid 1000 ac16a4a7 0272 448f 9f01 9bbfc5889895
£1000 Cash
10 credits
Mid 1 02eba49b 94ff 4880 bbaf 867f7859ae90
Sonos Play 1
10 credits
Mid 1 5df5343a 23ba 48f5 b9f5 41021ec35f3a
Fitbit Surge
15 credits
Mid 1 a0959b23 f978 4d93 8183 ac83c1d3032f
Sonos Play 3
25 credits
Mid 1 4f4a7a4f 1d87 492b a5c0 09a71618b40c
Sonos Play 5
65 credits
Mid iphone7 1 c60e3e53 edcc 4b8e 8c51 a64592d9345e
Apple iPhone 7

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