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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge RRP £639

Redefine what a phone can do

With the world's first Dual Pixel smartphone camera, stunning dual-edged screen and a refined water resistant design, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the best, most cutting-edge Galaxy ever.

Meet the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - more beautiful, smart and innovative than ever before.

Beautiful design

The Galaxy S7 edge is crafted from the finest metal and glass, so not only is it beautiful to look at – it's strong too. Plus, the curved rear and screen, smooth edges and compact build make the phone fit comfortably in your hand.

Water resistant body

Rated IP68, the Galaxy S7 edge has the best protection against water and dust damage of any Samsung phone to date. In fact, IP68 is the highest rating a smartphone can get. That means you won't need to worry about spilt drinks or getting caught in the rain.

Stunning screens

The Galaxy S7 edge screen boasts Quad HD resolution and measures 5.5-inches. That makes it great for watching movies or playing games. The dual edges also let you access apps and notifications quicker, and add a unique, beautiful finishing touch.

Plus, with Samsung's Super AMOLED technology, colours are defined and rich while blacks are deeper. If you're a virtual reality fan you'll love the level of detail, as everything is more immersive and lifelike when using the phone with the Samsung Gear VR headset.

There's also a new always-on display feature. It shows you key information like notifications at all times, even when the phone's on standby, but uses less than 1% of your battery per hour.

Best ever camera

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has a brand new 12MP camera. It's the first smartphone to have Dual Pixel sensor technology, which lets you focus instantly for faster photos.

Plus there's a super-bright f/1.7 lens, the widest aperture on a phone, so photos are more colourful, brighter and more detailed than ever – even in low light.

The front camera doesn't disappoint either. It comes in at an impressive 5MP, so selfies and video calls are full of incredible detail.

Advanced power

The Galaxy S7 edge is one of the most powerful smartphones you can own. The octa-core processor makes games, apps, and web browsing run incredibly fast and smooth.

There's also a huge 4GB of RAM, which means you can switch between different apps without any drop in performance, run the most powerful mobile games, and make the most of the Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 software.

And if you need extra storage you can use the microSD card slot, which offers up to 200GB of additional space for files and photos.

Biggest battery ever

The Galaxy S7 edge has an enormous 3,600mAh battery, the biggest Samsung's ever put in a phone. There's also loads of clever software to make things more efficient, letting you spend more time using the phone and less time charging it.

Wireless charging has also been improved, and now a full charge takes just 150 minutes. All you need is a wireless charging pad and you're ready to go.

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