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Amazon Kindle Voyage 3G eReader

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Amazon Kindle Voyage 3G eReader - RRP £230

If you're serious about reading, then look to Amazon's Kindle Voyage 3G for the ultimate in eReaders. Kindle Voyage features a next generation high resolution and high contrast Paperwhite display that reads even more like a printed page. Page turns are simpler than ever on Voyage, while the new adaptive front light will provide ideal brightness that doesn't shine in your eyes, day or night with 3G connectivity making getting new books easy, wherever you are. All of this, and somehow it's still the thinnest Kindle ever.

Brilliant display
Voyage packs a high contrast, high resolution display, delivering crisp, sharp text that makes it feel just as natural to read as if it were a printed page. The screen is made from micro-etched glass that eliminates glare and feels like paper to the touch, so you can read in bright sunlight with ease.

Seeing in the right light
Read in sunlight or total darkness thanks to the adaptive font light, which senses the light in your environment and automatically adjusts the setting to the ideal brightness, helping to prevent eye strain. Unlike on a tablet, the light in Kindle Voyage doesn't shine in your eyes, but instead, on the screen to help protect your eyes.

Turn the page without lifting a finger
With PagePress, turning the page on Kindle Voyage is simply effortless. Simply apply pressure on the bezel to turn the page and PagePress will take care of the rest, providing a silent haptic response for consistent and immediate feedback.

Sleek yet durable
At 7.6mm, Voyage is the thinnest Kindle yet, with a streamlined design that makes it easy to hold or slip into a bag, while the light weight of just 180g means it won't weigh you down. It also features a magnesium back and a chemically-reinforced glass front to ensure durability, so you can travel with it without worrying about it falling apart.

With this 3G Kindle Voyage, you’ll be able to download books anywhere with Amazon’s 3G data coverage at no additional cost. You can also download books over Wi-Fi or on your computer to transfer over to your Kindle by USB cable.

Read like a book
Skim through your books with Page Flip, which will let you skim page-by-page, scan by chapter or skip to the end without losing your place. If you're a fan of annotations, you can also add, edit and delete margin notes and highlight sections and quotes. Notes and highlights can then be exported to a computer or shared on Facebook and Twitter, while you can also view passages that have been frequently highlighted by other Kindle readers.

Advanced context and research tools
With a Kindle you can also look up words, discover further context, search for a passage and share your library with ease. Smart Lookup gives access to definitions, characters, settings and more with entries from the New Oxford English Dictionary, Wikipedia and Amazon's X-Ray service. X-Ray lets you explore the “Bones of the Book.” See all the passages across a book that mention relevant ideas, fictional characters, historical figures, places, or topics of interest.

Massive book selection
The Kindle Store features over 3 million books, newspapers and magazines, including the latest best sellers, Kindle exclusives and more, as well as more than one million free books, such as Pride and prejudice and Treasure Island.

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