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PowaKaddy FW7 36 Hole Lithium Electric Trolley

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PowaKaddy FW7 36 Hole Lithium Electric Trolley - RRP £665

Product Description

From its latest technology, feature packed design through to its lightweight construction, the PowaKaddy FW7 36 Hole Lithium Electric Trolley will transport you bag with ease and help you improve by saying energy hole after hole. 

Constructed around the strong PowaFrame, the PowaKaddy FW7 is more than sturdy enough for anything you can throw at it and the bungee strap system with built in anti pinch handles will make sure your bag and clubs are also safely kept in place throughout your journey. Keeping this trolley going is the whisper quiet powerful motor and getting going is so simple with the all new PowaKaddy "Plug 'N' Play" system which requires not connecting of wire at all. Pop the battery in its tray, and off you go on the golf course. 

PowaKaddy FW7 36 Hole Electric Trolley features:  

  • Extended Range Lithium Battery 
  • Front wheel adjustment and key lock base 
  • Brand new Plug 'N' Play battery 
  • Bag straps with integrated anti pinch handles 

Many additional features are packed into this trolley, all of which benefit the golfer. These include a digital power gauge, battery level indicator, clock, shot distance calculator, anti tamper pin lock, integrated USB charging port and even an automated distance function allowing you to tell the trolley at what distance you want it to stop from 5-50 yards. 

"The manufacturer’s warranty covers purchases within the UK & Ireland. Customers outside the UK & Ireland will need to return their item to the UK for repairs & service covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In normal conditions the Extended batteries will do 36 holes when used on a PowaKaddy trolley. Conditions such as long or exceptionally hilly courses, wet ground conditions and excessively heavy golf bags may reduce the range of the battery." 

Featuring the latest advancements in high-spec engineering, the new FW7 models offer outstanding value with each expected to gain prominence on the fairways this season.
To achieve this, we have introduced several new innovations which appear across the range, including, an efficient Plug ‘n’ Play™ Battery System, a robust, lightweight and aesthetically appealing PowaFrame™ and enhanced digital functions.
Lightweight yet strong, it can be comfortably stored within the smallest of car boots with its compact 3-Fold system. The sealed and easy to clean underside also makes it easier for you to keep your trolley in fantastic condition.

Smart phones and GPS devices can be charged via a USB port and for the security conscious you can use the Anti-Tamper security pin lock is exclusive to this model.
Additional distances between 5-50 yards are provided by the ADF system, while a Speed Display allows the cart to be carefully adjusted to optimal walking speed.
 A key Distance Measurement feature allows the user to discover the yardage of shots to enhance their game, which is coupled with a ‘Competition Mode’ to cleverly ensure the trolley meets tournament conditions at the push of a button.

Whether you are a serious or occasional golfer, the ‘PowaKaddy FW7’ has been designed to suit your game.
The FW7 comes with the choice of four battery options: Standard, Extended, Lithium and Lithium Extended
TheFW7 EBS trolley comes with all the functionality of the FW7 but with additional Electronic Braking System. In the EBS mode the EBS system produces a resistive force counteracting the pull from the trolley when travelling downhill giving you greater control. The FW7 EBS trolley has three levels of progressive braking for varying gradients. Trolley available in Titanium with a choice of Brushed Silver or Carbon Trim 

Specification and Features

  • ·  Integrated sealed low profile Powaframe chassis
  • ·  Plug 'n' Play Battery system
  • ·  Lightweight and strong alloy frame
  • ·  Compact and simple three-fold system
  • ·  Low profile wheels and tyres
  • ·  Powerful whisper quiet motor
  • ·  Front wheel adjustment
  • ·  PowaKaddy key lock
  • ·  Bungee straps with integrated anti pinch handles
  • ·  Ambidextrous control with soft touch grip and function buttons
  • ·  Power on/off LED indicator
  • ·  Power, Pause and Resume Function
  • ·  Digital power gauge
  • ·  Battery fuel indicator
  • ·  ADF - Automatic Distance Function
  • ·  Integrated USB charging socket
  • ·  Clock
  • ·  Speed Display
  • ·  Distance Measurement
  • ·  Anti Tamper Security Pin Lock
  • ·  Competition Mode
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