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Swegwheel Juiced Electric Longboard Skateboard

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Swegwheel Juiced Electric Longboard Skateboard, RRP-£899.99

The brand new patented Swegwheel Juiced. A revolutionary design disguises this electric longboard as an everyday skateboard or Longboard. With powerful battery disguised in the deck of the Juiced electric Skateboard the design is sleek and modern. The Juiced board has two Speed settings; Cruise and Sport! The lightest, most powerful, most affordable and most durable E-Skateboard in Europe. 

  • Self-propelled electric skateboard
  • Handle built-in for ease of carriage
  • Up to 30km/hr top speed
  • Effortlessly glides up hills up to 25% gradient
  • Cruise mode and Sport mode
  • Extra traction griptape
  • Up to 15 Miles on one charge
  • Powerful regenerative braking 
  • Bluetooth remote
  • Powerful belt drive motors up to 1800W power
  • Double layer bamboo deck
  • Remote controlled speed and riding mode
  • USB Port to charge your phone or iPad

Info and Specification

Weight - 7kg

Motor - 1800W

Battery - Samsung

Remote - Yes

Max Speed - 35km/h

Charge Time - 4 Hours

Deck Material - Bamboo

Max Load - 100kg

Miles per charge - 12Miles

Dimensions - 92cm x 24cm

  • Rechargeable battery charges to 80% in just one hour with the supplied rapid charger. 
  • The bluetooth remote gun controls the speed and power of the board. Switch between cruising and sport mode effortlessly. 
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