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Giant Defy 1 Disc '16

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Defy 1 disc ’16 (RRP £999)

Upgrading this best buy in 105-equipped endurance road bikes with disc brakes introduces a new level of performance and reliability to the legend that is the Giant Defy 1.

The Benefits of Disc Brakes
Proven for over a decade on mountain bikes and better quality hybrids, the benefits of disc brakes are becoming more and more recognised on road bikes too. Moving the brakes from the mud and rain-attracting wheel rims to the relatively clean hubs makes for an improvement in the brakes’ all-weather all-conditions performance. Disc brake pads are much harder so they last much longer. That's why disc brakes tend to need far less maintenance compared with rim brakes - they don't require such frequent adjustment to compensate for brake pad wear. The wheel rims should also last much longer now that they are no longer being worn down by the brake pads.

TRP Spyre disc brakes
TRP (Tektro Racing Products) Spyre disc brakes deliver confidence-inspiring all-weather performance.

Unlike the majority of mechanical disc brakes, which only have one moving piston, TRP Spyre disc brakes have two. Both pistons move equally against the rotor. The result: more consistent and even braking performance, less likelihood of brake rub and less maintenance required.

'TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes are the best non-hydraulic road bike and cyclo-cross stoppers we've used.'

Same as Giant Defy 1

Giant Aluxx SL frame tubes

  • Aluxx SL frame tubes are a finer-grain double-butted 6011 aluminum alloy for optimal strength:weight ratio.
  • The skinnier seatstays join the front triangle lower down the seat tube to create an even tighter rear triangle for quicker, more responsive steering.
  • The more acute the seat stay angle, the better the compliance.
  • The resulting tighter rear triangle maximises power output and makes the whole bike feel more ‘alive’, responsive and quicker steering.

Giant D-Fuse Seatpost
The Giant D-shaped carbon composite seatpost works in tandem with the skinny seatstays to do a remarkable job of damping bad vibes that would otherwise be transmitted from unsmooth road surfaces.

First-class specification

  • Shimano 105 STI shifters and mechs.
  • Shimano RS500 34/50 chainset.
  • When you use Shimano 105 STI 2x11 levers, you will understand why 105 remains the world's most popular road bike groupset.
  • Giant P-R2 wheels with sealed bearing hubs and Sapim Race spokes.

Giant Defy Overview
Defy is Giants best-selling range of aluminium-frame road bikes.

Defy bikes are legendary for offering a ride quality close to the very best four-figure carbon road bikes (such as the Giant Defy Advanced) at three-figure alloy bike prices. That is, a ride with engineered-in compliance without diluting the speed potential and exhilaration you expect from an authentic, lightweight road bike.

Endurance Road Bikes
Giant's endurance road bikes' classic road bike frame geometry (72.5 degree head tube angle / 73.5 degree seat tube angle for medium-size frame) delivers a fast, engaging ride with engineered-in comfort.

The Defy remains a true road bike. It just happens to be designed to be less stretched out and more comfortable for most riders, especially over longer distances. That's why endurance road bikes such as the Giant Defy are sometimes referred to as comfort road bikes or sportive bikes.

Engineered-in compliance
Every 2016 Defy retains Giant’s proven sportive geometry so the bike never feels flat or dull. It responds like a road bike to your efforts. You pedal: it goes.

  • Rather than relying on swing arms, dampers and split tubes to create a smoother riding bike, Giant obsess over frame tube fabrication and manipulation to create the optimal balance of light weight, compliance and lateral stiffness.
  • Engineered-in features such as the ‘flattened’ top tube and skinny seat stays make the frame more compliant.
  • The Defy’s lightweight carbon fork legs also go a long way to creating a responsive, fast-steering, exciting ride with a welcome degree of shock-absorption.
  • It’s fast but forgiving nature makes a Defy an excellent choice for a 100-kilometre sportive.

Giant bikes are the only bicycle company that builds every frame from scratch. This makes Giant bikes the Michelin 5 star chefs of the cycle industry. From raw aluminium ore to the final hard lacquered finish, Giant control every aspect of the production of every one of their trademark Aluxx alloy frames. Same with their incredible carbon creations. From weaving the fine Toray filament to the final finished frame, every Giant composite frame is the result of a painstaking 13-day process. Matching this level of quality control with the unique economies of scale that accrue from building 6 million bicycles a year ensures the premium quality that Giant bikes consistently achieve at competitive down-to-earth prices.

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