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Nintendo Classic Mini

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Nintendo NES Classic (RRP £49.99)

Funny really how history has a habit of repeating itself isn’t it? Just over three decades ago Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It offered a whole new world of gaming fun. It allowed you to  cram portly Italian plumbers down pipes, obliterate flying fowl in a hail of virtual buckshot and, errr, go on a quest with some dude called Simon.

Fast-forward 30 years and the NES is back, however this time it is a fraction of the size, comes with 30 games pre-installed on it.

The UI on the Nintendo Classic Mini is very slick, with a scrollable library-style menu system allowing you to scan through the various games, each title neatly presented with its box art.

A slick, small-scale system and 30 top games ready to play within minutes of you opening the box is really attractive and, when you throw in the fact that it is so light and compact that you could easily take it anywhere, there's absolutely no reason to not want one!

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